Special Notices

    1. Statement of Payments to Elected Members Financial year ending 31st March 2018.
      The only payment made was £150 (One Hundred & Fifty Pounds) to the Chairman Cllr. Miss Hayne Brace, which was for the Chairman’s Honorarium; 2017/18.
      Paul Smith Clerk/RFO Coychurch Lower Community Council 17th June 2018.


Cllr Dr Elaine Venables 
County Borough Councillor for Coychurch Lower
Phone: 01656 869044
Email: cllr.elaine.venables@bridgend.gov.uk
(email me to join the community mailing list)
Facebook: Elaine Venables
Twitter: @CllrVenables

I have had a number of inquiries about Japanese knotweed. In particular there is an area behind The Court adjacent to the A473 which is on council land. I have spoken to the residents who live near to this area.

The council policy is to spray it annually every autumn. It is therefore very important to not cut it back otherwise there will not be any plant to spray.

If it is on your land, you must not let it spread either into the wild or onto someone else’s property. You can either treat it yourself, or by hiring a specialist company. It can take a number of years to get rid of Japanese knotweed.

Rules when dealing with Japanese knotweed:
Waste material from these plants is classed as ‘controlled waste’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. It must be disposed of at a suitably licensed or permitted waste site. There are no waste sites within Bridgend County Borough registered to accept Japanese knotweed.
Japanese knotweed is listed in Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and is subject to Section 14 of this Act. It is an offence to plant or cause this species to grow in the wild. This can include spreading it by strimming, flailing or dumping contaminated material.

Call for candidate sites submissions
Bridgend County Borough Council is preparing a Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP) for the County Borough. The next stage in the LDP process involves work on preparing pre-deposit proposals. The first stage is to ask developers, land-owners and the public to nominate candidate sites for potential allocation in the emerging LDP.
This could be for any land use including:
• residential
• employment
• retailing
• public
• open space
• minerals development
• waste developments
• community use
• tourism

The deadline for return of plans and forms is 5pm 9 November 2018.


Licensing Policy Consultation Gambling Act 2005
The council is consulting on the next three year policy statement and welcomes views from the public and other interested parties.
The deadline for this is November 9th.


Budget Consultation
You can complete the online survey at www.bridgend.gov.uk/future .

Or there are several drop in community engagement events, the nearest will be:
Tuesday 25 September Pencoed Library 9.30am – 12.30pm
Monday 1 October Bridgend Library 9.30am – 12.30pm

This consultation will continue until Sunday 18 November.

I regularly email residents about local updates and items of interest. In regard to new Data Protection regulations I now require explicit consent to add you to the email list. If you would like to join it then please contact me cllr.elaine.venables@bridgend.gov.uk .