Special Notices

    1. Statement of Payments to Elected Members Financial year ending 31st March 2018.
      The only payment made was £150 (One Hundred & Fifty Pounds) to the Chairman Cllr. Miss Jayne Brace, which was for the Chairman’s Honorarium; 2017/18.
      Paul Smith Clerk/RFO Coychurch Lower Community Council 17th June 2018.


Cllr Dr Elaine Venables 
County Borough Councillor for Coychurch Lower
Phone: 01656 869044
Email: cllr.elaine.venables@bridgend.gov.uk
(email me to join the community mailing list)
Facebook: Elaine Venables
Twitter: @CllrVenables

This month I have attended several meetings at the Council offices including the scrutiny meeting about the role of Town and Community Councils, the Independent Remuneration panel, child protection training, Equalities Committee, Pencoed Governing Body as well as full council meetings. I visited the new toddler group which now runs in the village on a Friday morning. It was good to see people at the Remembrance Service and the shared lunch for the Centenary of the end of the First World War.

I have had meetings with Brocastle residents about road safety concerns on the A48 and I have now had the mobile speed camera returned and a productive meeting with the local Vale of Glamorgan councillor.

I have had several meetings over the past few years to lobby for safer routes outside of Coychurch and in other areas of Coychurch Lower. These meetings would appear to finally be coming to fruition. I am pleased to announce the following:

• Access to Bridgend Industrial Estate & Waterton Retail Park – This will be accessed through a series of paths which will go across the roundabout. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the traffic lights and safely enter the centre of the roundabout and then safely exit via the other traffic lights to either the Post Office/Cherry Laurel area or the B&Q/Starbucks area. A bid will go to the Welsh Government to apply for funding this year. If successful then BCBC will be notified by April 2019 and the works will commence in 2019/20. This is a very exciting development for Coychurch and will connect us with other areas.

• Singleton’s junction – This will incorporate a bid to the Welsh government for a tunnel and improve the pedestrian and cycling facilities towards Coychurch Road and the Crematorium.

• Brocastle – There will be a cycle path along the A48 from Brocastle to the Waterton roundabout and there will be safe crossing points to access this to the new employment site and the residents of Brocastle.

I regularly email residents about local updates and items of interest. In regard to new Data Protection regulations I now require explicit consent to add you to the email list. If you would like to join it then please contact me cllr.elaine.venables@bridgend.gov.uk .