Coychurch Front Garden Competition – Results

Coychurch Lower Community Council

Front Garden Competition 2019

On 8th July, a beautiful day which showed all of the gardens off at their best, the judge, Mr Allan Rees, MBE walked, then rode his scooter around every street in the village and looked at every front garden. From this he made a shortlist and returned on 9th July to review them for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each of the categories.

Allan said that the general standard in the village is the best he has seen for some time. He enjoyed the variety that made comparing some gardens very difficult as they were of different types but equally of merit. In the end there were ties which reflect this. He split the pots and baskets category into two so went in search of the best pot and the best basket. One observation about the plants in the baskets was that many had not yet fully grown to cover the basket frame. Perhaps later judging or earlier planting will resolve this next year.

The results are as follows:


Places Highly Commended
Joint 1st :

Cherry Croft and Dyffryn House

Brynffrwd Close – 9, 26

By-Ways Court – Hafen Deg

2nd 33 Meadow Close Grange Crescent – 8

Bryn Road – 6

3rd 35 Glenwood Close Glenwood Close – 36

Meadow Close – 7, 36

St Mary’s View – 39
1st Greystones, Waterton Road
2nd Tryweryn, Waterton Road
3rd 22 Grange Crescent
1st Melrose (by the front door), Church Terrace Brynffrwd Close – 18
2nd 1 Heol Cae Tyler (by the garage door) Meadow Close – 19
3rd 30 Glenwood Close (front wall) Dyffryn Close – 18a
1st 18 St Mary’s View (in the middle of the garden) Glenwood Close – 23

Ruthin Court – 6

2nd 2 Meadow Close Heol y Capel – 12

Main Road – Willowmere

3rd place 6 Manor Drive St Mary’s View – 39

Glebeland Close – 10

Congratulations and thanks to all who made the effort to brighten up the overall look of the village. If you were not successful this year please try again in 2020.



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