TAKE NOTICE a Meeting of the COYCHURCH LOWER COMMUNITY COUNCIL will be held at the COUNCIL MEETING ROOM Tuesday the 12th March 2019 at 7.15pm.


  1. To receive apologies for absence.
  2. To receive and approve the Minutes of the last meeting.
  3. To receive declarations of personal, prejudicial and financial interest (if any) from Members/Officers in accordance with the Code of Conduct.
  4. To receive and consider the Clerks report.
  5. To discuss the matter of the Vacancy on the Community Council.
  6. To discuss the matter of the Vacancy on the Town & Community Forum.
  7. To discuss the Review of the Electoral Arrangements of the County Borough of Bridgend.
  8. To Discuss the matter of the Coychurch Gardening Competition
  9. To deal with matters concerning the Police.
  10. To consider all matters concerning Planning.
  11. To discuss any Road Safety issues.
  12. To discuss matters concerning Footpaths and Right of Ways.
  13. To deal with matters concerning the Borough.
  14. To consider any donations to be made by the Council.
  15. To review the 2018/2019 Precept. Actual v Budget.
  • To authorise Payment of Accounts.
  • To deal with any such business as the Chairman may direct.
  • To receive matters brought forward by the Public.

            Paul Smith

     Clerk to the Council.                           15th February 2019