Coychurch Playpark Refurbishment – 23 Feb 2021


Following concerns expressed by residents on Facebook pages, further enquiries have been made by the Community Council and we can now advise the following:

BCBC has recommended that the Licence to Undertake Works (trees) in the playpark be put on hold to allow for consideration of alternatives and an assessment of the ecological impact (bats and birds) by BCBC’s Countryside Manager.

BCBC retains legal liability and responsibility for the park and its contents and following the investigation will take any action they deem appropriate.

All enquiries, comments or questions regarding the play park trees should now be sent to BCBC and not to the Community Council or the Clerk. Any updates about the H&S and generic H&S risks from concerned users should also be directed to BCBC.

For our children’s safety we can share advice we have received from the Bat Conservation Trust – children should not be climbing trees if bats (or birds, for that matter) are nesting in them. In the case of bats this is a two way health hazard. Transmission of disease from bats to children and in these days of coronavirus, there is possible transmission of the virus to bats. They also advise that steps be taken to keep children away from the area if bats are nesting.

The provision of Phase 1 of the refurbishment – new play park equipment – will be subject to a survey by the contractor in March to see if the plan can be adapted. BCBC will be informed of the survey results and decide on the way forward with regard to the Welsh Government grant obtained to support this. If this impacts on the terms of the grant from Welsh Government it may be that the project will have to be delayed until alternative funding can be found.

The Community Council will continue with its application to BCBC for funding to support Phase 2 of the refurbishment (to renovate the ball play area with modern, noise-reducing fencing and ground surface, set up the commemorative copse and support the school’s eco projects) though it is unclear whether this will be forthcoming while this issue is ongoing.

The Community Council will now look at alternative sites for the native British trees, which were provided by a grant from the Woodland Trust to enhance the park, as these need to be planted in the ground this spring.

As the council is informed of developments we will post them on the community website and display them in the council noticeboards in the village (in the bus stop by the church and outside the Memorial Hall).

M. Thomas, Clerk, 23rd February 2021

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