February Chronicle – Cllr Dr Elaine Venables

Cllr Dr Elaine Venables 

Independent County Borough Councillor for Coychurch Lower


Phone: 01656 869044

Email: cllr.elaine.venables@bridgend.gov.uk 

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The draft proposal for the local boundaries for Bridgend county councillors has been published.  It has been proposed that Coychurch Lower will merge with an area of Brackla and be known as Brackla East & Coychurch Lower.  There will be 2 councillors who will represent this area.  There will be 1158 constituents from Coychurch Lower and 2217 constituents from Brackla.  So approximately two-thirds of the voters will be from Brackla.  It is difficult to see how there will be effective representation of Coychurch with this proposal.  Please look at the document to view the maps.  If you feel that this is not in the best interest of Coychurch then please contact the commission with your comments by 15th April 2019 to consultations@boundaries.wales 

58. The existing Coychurch Lower electoral ward is composed of the Community of Coychurch Lower. It has 1,158 electors represented by one councillor which is 44% below the proposed county average. The projected 5-year (2022) statistic for the electoral ward has 2,229 electors represented by one councillor, which is 1% above the proposed county average.  The electoral ward has an estimated population of 1,198 eligible electors.

64. The Commission proposes to apply the boundaries as submitted by the Group Leaders at 59 iv.(as illustrated on page 34) to form a ward which would be combined with the existing ward of Coychurch Lower to form a new ward of 3,375 electors (4,445 projected electors) which, if represented by two councillors, would result in a level of representation that is 18% below the proposed county average. The Commission has given the proposed electoral ward the Welsh language name of Dwyrain Bracla a Llangrallo Isaf and the English language name of Brackla East and Coychurch Lower. The Welsh Language Commissioner recommends Dwyrain Brackla a Llangrallo Isaf in Welsh. The Welsh Language Commissioner recommends the use of a single form of Brackla as there is insufficient evidence of a Welsh form. The Commission would welcome any suggestions for alternative names.



The potential re-organisation of post-16 provision – this will consider the reorganisation of 6th form education in the borough.   The consultation ends on March 1st 2019.


Supported bus consultation 2019 to 2020 – this will consider removing funding from certain bus routes. The consultation ends on March 10th 2019.


This consultation is to invite views on the proposal to implement the Empty Property Strategy 2019-2023.  This will close on April 28th.



BCT are looking for volunteer drivers for the Community Car Scheme.  The service enables Bridgend County Borough residents who are not able to make regular essential journeys by public transport, and who do not require accessible transport, to book bespoke one-to-one journeys for their individual travel requirements.



I regularly email residents about local updates and items of interest.  In regard to new Data Protection regulations I now require explicit consent to add you to the email list.  If you would like to join it then please contact me cllr.elaine.venables@bridgend.gov.uk .

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