Hall Bulletin May 2019



It is now six weeks since I took over as Hall Manager and I was thinking that it would be a good idea to share with you all, on a fairly regular basis, how things are going.

£10 per hour rate for regular groups is a nominal fee and the accounts for this year show that if we were dependant solely on that the Hall would not be sustainable. However we are bolstered by the income from the Community Council rent of the Council Office/Meeting Room, fundraising concerts and occasional party event. Even so we are barely breaking even. Before you start to think the worst, given the current condiion of the building there are no plans to increase the hourly rate but I would encourage you to support the fundraising whenever you can.

On that front we have a concert coming up on 8th June “Luke as Freddy”, a tribute act to Freddie Mercury. Check him out on You Tube., Fire regulations mean we are only allowed to seat 100 people in the Hall so get your tickets early! £15 each includes a buffet at the interval. Tickets are available at the Hall in the mornings Monday to Friday and from various places in the village – the shop, the pubs, and Helen Evans.

On a more practical note you will be aware of the problems we are having with the boiler. From April the radiator heating will not be switched on unless your group leader requests it at least a day in advance (email me at ckerkcoychurch@gmail.com or text/ring 07979 260912). Obviously the wall heaters are available at any time and,  hopefully, with the weather warming up the radiators will not be needed. During this time of light usage we are arranging for an experienced heating engineer to do a full diagnostic on the boiler system to finally try to sort it out. I will keep you updated.

In May we will be changing the arrangements for waste disposal at the Hall. Currently all waste goes into black bags in the grey general waste bin and is collected weekly. We will be trialling an alternating fortnightly collection of general waste and dry recyclable waste (cardboard, paper, drinks cans, plastic bottles, etc.) to do our bit to help the planet. Look out for the posters and special bins that will be appearing in the building.

The Trustees have been doing some general repairs around the building – adding a handle to the fire exit door by the kitchen should make it easier to close the door without jamming the vertical bolt on the floor outside; repairing and repainting the pipes boxing/skirting in the main hall which had collapsed 3 times in 4 weeks; refitting some kitchen cupboards and fixing wheels to the large cupboard door in the small room so it is easier to open/close.

If any of you have or know of someone who has some general DIY skills and would be willing to help with simple general repairs I would gratefully accept their help. It can cost £100 a time to get a maintenance company in to do the simple types of jobs mentioned here.

We are reviewing storage in the building and would ask that groups make efficient use of their cupboards so that wherever possible there are no loose items lying around the stage area.  We all have to share the space so please continue to be considerate of other groups. There are still 2 locked cupboards to left of the stage that have no group name on them. If these belong to your group please identify them or in May we will be breaking in to see what is inside and possibly discarding the contents so others can use the space.

Our cleaner is doing a great job on the floors. The new scrubber and polisher has made a big difference but we continue to see “tramlines” where people drag tables or chairs across the floors. Please use the chairs trolley and carry the tables. On that note please observe the health and safety requirement to stack chairs in groups of six only.

Sharon is, however, only in the building for a short time each day so it is difficult for her to raise the standard of cleanliness on her own. That being so we are looking at having a deep clean of the Hall to generally improve the cleanliness throughout and then she will be able to maintain it.

If you have an ideas or can offer practical help for improvements please let me know so we can all work towards ensuring that the Hall is as good as it can be while applications are made for major funding to take the Hall through the next 100 years.

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