Council Minutes Apr 2011

Minutes of the meeting of the Coychurch Lower Community Council, held at the
Council Meeting Room on Tuesday the 12th April 2011 at 7.15 pm.

Present. Chairman Cllr. K. Smith, Vice-Chairman Cllr. Miss C. Carrington, Cllr. J. Brice-Richards, Cllr. Mrs. D. Morgan, Cllr. B. Nash the Clerk P. Smith and the Deputy Clerk C. Mogg. Borough Councillor P. Evans was also in attendance.

Apologises for absence were received from Cllr. Dr. E. Venables and Cllr. Miss J. Brace.
The Minutes of the meeting held on the Tuesday 8th March 2011 copies having previously been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.
1)    Following the resignation of Cllr. R. Powner the appropriate notice advising of the vacancy was displayed. There were no requests submitted to BCBC for an election. The Community Council then advertised the vacancy for two weeks to co-opt someone to fill the vacancy. Only one application was received.
2)    There will a Welsh Assembly Election on 5th May 2011. The Williams Memorial Hall will be used for voting on the day of the Referendum.
3)    The Chairman and his Consort attended the Pencoed Comprehensive School Prize Giving Evening on Thursday 7th April 2011.
4)    Letter written by the Clerk to BCBC’s Highways department identifying major potholes which require immediate repair. Most have been completed but the quality of the repair suggests the holes will soon reappear. There are large potholes on Main Road at the Western exit of the village near the police offices. Clerk to contact BCBC again.
5)    Letter and invoice received from One Voice Wales reference the Council’s annual membership of One Voice Wales for 2011/2012. Referred to AGM.
6)    Letter received from Reach (Rural Development Bridgend) giving outline information reference WAGs sustainable land management scheme for Wales. Details with Clerk.
7)    Copy of a letter written to Mr. Llewellyn of 3, Hawthorn Drive from Mrs. K. Ralph of BCBC’s Highways department concerning the obstructive parking he reported on Main Road Coychurch. The Council agreed with the comments and suggestions expressed by BCBC in their reply to Mr. Llewellyn.
8)    Notification received from One Voice Wales that Bursaries are still available for Councillor training in Wales. They are available for the 2011/2012 financial year on a first come first served basis.
9)     Information received from BCBC about the Royal British Legions 90th birthday. Poppy parties are to be held over the weekend of the10-12th June 2011.
10)     A general invitation was received from the Bridgend Scout District to attend their St George’s Day parade and service on Sunday 17th April 2011 at Hope Church Station Hill Bridgend starting at 2.30pm.
11)     Letter received from Mr. Duddridge of BCBC Highways and Transportation department requesting for a donation from Community Councils towards the Shop mobility Scheme currently operating in the Rhiw car park Bridgend.
12)     The Chairman and Clerk attended a training course on the Code of Conduct at BCBC’s Council Chamber on Monday 28th March 2011.The clerk briefly outlined the key points raised on the course. It was agreed that an item will be placed on the Agenda to give Councillors the opportunity to declare any interests prior to business starting. A copy of the updated Code of Conduct is to be circulated to each Council member by the Clerk.
13)     Notification received from One Voice Wales of the 2011 Conference and AGM to be held on Saturday 8th October 2011at Bont Pavilion Pontrhydfendigaid Ceredigion commencing 10.00am.Deferred to the AGM.
14)     Reference the School Easter Card competition Mrs Sue Hurry Head Teacher Coychurch (Llangrallo) Primary school confirmed that there are 89 pupils at the school. There will be 8 group winners. The Clerk has purchased the Easter eggs. She also advised that there will be an Easter School service at St Crallo’s Church on Thursday 14th April at 9.30am. The School Easter Assembly when the Easter eggs will be presented will be held on Friday 15th April at 2.30pm.
15)     Letter received from Helen Embling the PCC Secretary requesting for some financial support towards the cost of Royal Wedding celebrations to be held at the “Old Rectory” on the afternoon of 29th April 2011.It was proposed by the Chairman Cllr. K. Smith and seconded by Cllr. J. Brice-Richards that the sum of £200 be donated for the celebrations. This was unanimously agreed. Clerk to action.
16)     Invitation received from Pencoed School for the Chairman and Consort to attend their Easter Concert on Tuesday the 12th April at 7pm. Clerk to action.
17)     Notification received from One Voice Wales that the next meeting of the Bridgend/Vale/Cardiff Area Committee will be held on Monday 18th April 2011at the Lesser Hall Cowbridge Town Hall Cowbridge. Cllr. Miss C. Carrington is unable to attend. Cllr. J. Brice-Richards will deputise.
18)     The fence surrounding the kick about area in the play park is damaged again. Clerk to organise repairs. It was also agreed that the Clerk should look at a permanent replacement for the damaged fencing and obtain the cost of such a replacement.
19)     Letter received from BCBC asking for the Council to accept all future
Planning information by email. This was referred to the planning subcommittee.
20)     Flowers purchased for the triangle and the flowers borders at the western exit to the village. Mr. Ryan is regularly cutting the grass on the land he leases from BIE.
PCSO Whomes was not present at the meeting. There was no one from the police to deputise in his absence. PCSO Whomes had previously forwarded the police report for March 2011 to the Clerk. The report will be separately displayed on Council notice boards. PCSO Whomes can be contacted on his mobile phone 07584771112.
The Planning Sub Committee met on Monday 11th April 2011. Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting were circulated to all Council members. The Minutes will be separately posted on the Notice Board and Website.
Cllr. Dr. E Venables who is the CAP Champion had previously apologised for her absence and was therefore unable to present the CAP progress report. The Clerk Paul Smith who is also on the CAP committee gave a brief report. He advised that the Draft CAP Report is currently being finalized and is due for completion and initial review by BCBC at the end of April. Sue Hurry Head Teacher of Coychurch (Llangrallo) Primary School is also in the process of finalizing the School Travel Plan. The two reports will initially be submitted to BCBC as separate reports but are likely to be combined into one Final CAP Report before submission to WAG. A Public Meeting will be held probably during May 2011once the Draft CAP report has been reviewed by BCBC.
A CAP Summary has already been presented to groups in the village including Coychurch WI, Coychurch Gardening Society, the Mothers Union as well as the Community Council. The CAP Summary was also included in the last edition of the Coychurch Chronicle.
The Council previously advertised the vacancy for a co-opted member to join the Council. Mr. Bruce Nash was the only applicant. The Chairman Cllr. K. Smith proposed Mr. Nash as a co-opted member. This was seconded by Cllr. Miss C. Carrington. The vote was unanimous and the Chairman formally welcomed Cllr. Nash on to the Community Council. Cllr. Nash then signed the Declaration of a Councillor and the Declaration form for the Code of Conduct in the presence of the Clerk and Council members.
Cllr. Evans advised the Council that BCBC have been carrying out a reorganization and restructuring within the Borough Council.. A pay review has also been undertaken.
The RFO reported that, as at 31.03.11, the income for the year was £11,802.48 with expenditure of £12,393.69 with excess expenditure of £591.21. Bank Balances were checked and confirmed at £2,746.57
Payment of cheques totalling, £4,658.37 were approved and signed numbered 1242/45.
It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Parks department at BCBC to confirm how often the equipment in the play park is serviced and safety checks carried out. Clerk is to action.
Mrs. C. Howells was in attendance. Mrs. Howells drew the following points to the Councils attention.
The graffiti on the pavilion in Coychurch playing field continues to be an eyesore. Can the pavilion be repainted?
People have been seen playing golf on the playing field. Golf is officially banned on the  playing field but the signs (one in Welsh and one in English) notifying the public of this fact need replacing. One in fact is missing!
The retaining wall separating Hawthorn Drive from Main Road requires repair. Some of the loose stones are lying on the footpath by Main Road.
The Chairman advised that these are the responsibility of BCBC not the Community Council but it was agreed that the Clerk should write to BCBC reference the above.
Mrs Howells notified the Council that some people in the village were leaving their vehicles with the keys in the ignition and their engines running. The Chairman advised that whilst this was illegal it was not the responsibility of the Community Council to enforce this but the responsibility of the police.
Mrs Howells also wanted to raise and discuss establishing a 20mph zone in the village. She was asked to write to the CAP committee with details of her proposal.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.17 pm.

Signed Chairman……………………………………… 10th May 2011

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