Council Minutes Apr 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Coychurch Lower Community Council, held at the Council Meeting Room on Tuesday the 11th April 2017 at 7.15 pm.

Present. Chairman Cllr. K. Smith, Cllr. Miss. Jayne Brace.Cllr. Bruce Nash, Cllr. Miss Deryn Martin, Cllr. Gareth Jones, Cllr. Mrs. Helen Evans and the Clerk Paul Smith. .

There were no apologises for absence.
1438. MINUTES.
The Minutes of the meeting held on the Tuesday 14th March 2017 copies having previously been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Cllr. Kenneth Smith declared an interest as a Governor of Coychurch Primary school reference the purchase of an Easter egg for each child at the school. See donations.
• Unfortunately BCBC’s ROW department still has not provided an invoice for planned work repairs on the current snag list. See Footpaths main Agenda.
• Email received from Mr. Brian Sewell advising that some residents in the village had received Survey forms from the Police to identify resident’s feelings and perceptions of safety and confidence in the Police. Cllr. Martin agreed to try to find out the reason for the survey and why and how residents were selected to complete the survey.
• The Chairman Cllr. Ken Smith. Cllr. Miss Jayne Brace and the Clerk Paul Smith met with BCBC’s Highways department on Wednesday the 22nd March to discuss road safety issues previously raised by the Community Council and residents, See Road Safety main Agenda.
• Elections, The will be an election for Coychurch Lower Community Council. There are 8 candidates for the 7 available seats.
• Copy of an email from Mr. Brian Sewell to BCBC’s Parks &Playing Fields department reporting litter left on the playing field after a junior soccer match.
• The damaged roof on the bus shelter by the Memorial Hall has now been repaired by BCBC.
• The Clerk received a copy of a letter written by residents of Tyn-y-Caeau Lane to BCBC’s Highways department asking for a “Unsuitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles” sign to be put at the entrances at both ends of the Lane. It was agreed that if there was no positive response from BCBC the Community Council would write in support of this request.
• The Annual Return for year ending 31st March 2017 has been received from the external auditors,
• Notification received of a Temporary Road Closure affecting Cowbridge road access to the retail park opposite South Wales Police HQ, Details circulated to all.
• The One Voice Wales Bridgend/Cardiff & Vale Area committee meeting will be held on Monday 24th April at 7pm. Cllr. Martin will be attending.
1441. POLICE.
PCSO Meurig Coleman was not in attendance. The Clerk presented the Police Report
for March 2017.
The Planning Sub Committee met on Friday 7th April 2017. Minutes of the Planning Sub Committee Meeting were previously circulated to all Council members.
Following a discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should write to BCBC’s Planning department asking them to ensure that all the conditions on Ward Jones planning application P/16/472/FUL are regularly monitored and fully enforced.
The Chairman Cllr. Ken Smith. Cllr. Miss Jayne Brace and the Clerk Paul Smith met with BCBC’s Highways department on Wednesday the 22nd March to discuss road safety issues previously reported to BCBC.
The Chairman reported that it was a constructive if only relatively productive meeting. Lack of funds, not unexpectedly, was the reason given by BCBC why there were unable to progress most of the issues raised. However there was a more positive response to items 2 and 4. See below.
1. A safe pedestrian crossing is needed at the junction of A473 and the B4181 to allow pedestrians safe access to the Bridgend Industrial Estate and the new Brackla Halt. Additional safe crossings needed for safe pedestrian access to Waterton Industrial and Retail Estates.
BCBC response- Cost could be prohibitive for a bridge , but an alternative option would be to utilise the existing stop lines at some of the traffic signals to accommodate pedestrian phases. This would allow pedestrians to cross to centre of roundabout and then walk at ground level across the roundabout to provide access to the Industrial Estates etc. No funding at present but will be considered if grants applications for safe routes are submitted for these areas.
2. Safety concerns at the increasing number of accidents occurring when vehicles leaving Main Road at the Western end of the village to cross the B4181 to go towards Brackla, Coity and the Bridgend Industrial Estate.
BCBC response- An alternative road layout may be suitable on the B4181 to reduce it down to a single lane on approach to junction into Coychurch thereby removing the overtaking vehicles which you highlighted as the cause. This will require an application for funding from external source, possible WG road safety grant next year dependant on collision history.
3. Traffic calming measure needed at the junction of Main Road and Treoes Road. This section of Main Road between Bryn Road and the Western end of the village continues to experience speeding vehicles both entering and leaving the village.
BCBC response-This is possible but requires funding for works on site, plus there would be a cost of up to £7000 for the legal consultation and orders. We have no funding so will be considered if funding is found from any outside source.
4.Safety concerns over cyclists returning from Pencoed on the Coycchurch to Pencoed Cycle Path, The design encourages cyclists to go straight across the junction of Main Road and A473. There have been reports of several near misses at this junction,
BCBC response- This location will be looked at together with the concerns regarding conflict at the junction cross overs along the route.
5. Safety concerns over the junction at Coychurch Road and the B4181 by Singletons. There is a need for a form of traffic control either a mini roundabout or traffic lights BCBC response- No funding to progress anything at this location at this time, and unfortunately the recent injury collision history here would not allow us to apply for a WG road safety grant.
Cllr. Gareth Jones reported;
Annual Walking Festival.
The Clerk and I met with Sarah Harris of the Love2Walk organisation on 17 March, to discuss this year’s walking festival and how Coychurch were going to interact and promote this. The Walking Festival will take place between 17th and 27th June and Coychurch Community Council will again host walks on the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was hoped that the Thursday walk would finish at the Community Café, and arrangements were to be made for Sarah Harris (and I) to give a short presentation promoting the Festival and the benefits of walking, at the Community Café on 27 April.
It is understood that this arrangement has now had to be postponed due to an arranged talk by Cllr Elaine Venables, and it is not clear at the time of writing when this presentation will now take place. The Clerk and I had previously agreed that this year’s walking festival would need to be independently encouraged and promoted to ensure the necessary publicity was in place earlier than it was last year.
BCBC Rights of Way progress.
The invoice for the £200 donation towards footpath snag elimination has still not been internally requested by BCBC RoW section.
At the time of writing – despite requests – we have not been updated on:-
(1) The reopening of the bridge over the Brocastle brook.
(2) Progress made during the last month in respect of the reopening of the blocked footpath west of (but not on land belonging to) Torcoed Farm, together with an anticipated date when clearance work will commence. This disappoints, since a formal request to reopen this was first made some 9 months ago, and it appears little progress has been made in that time.
(3) Outstanding items on the previously issued snag list (aided by the £200 donation).
My impending departure.
You will now be aware that I have decided not to stand for re-election, and as such it is unclear who, if anyone, will take on this project. My personal view is that this council will need to ensure that this interest continues in an active and above all, chasing manner, to prevent the village footpaths returning to the rather poor state of management that existed before this project was conceived.
All that remains is to thank you for your interest and support during my period of office.
Borough Cllr. Dr. Mrs. Elaine Venables was not in attendance. There was no business under this
It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed that a donation of £192.50 be made to Coychurch Primary School for the purchase of an Easter egg for each pupil at the school. Cllr. K. Smith who is a Governor of the school did not take any part in the discussion and vote.
The RFO presented the Finance Report as at the 31st March 2017. He reported that the Income for this year was £14,941.46 and Expenditure £13,995.51. Bank Balances were checked and confirmed at £3,879.20. The RFO presented his quarterly budget/precept review and reported that that there were no overspends, though several items of expenditure on the Precept/Budget were under spent. There was a brief discussion on the Precept itself and on the associated budgeting and expenditure.
Payment of cheques numbered 1471 /1474 totalling £1,315.49 were approved and signed.
Cllr Bruce Nash reported a deep pothole outside of No.1 Brynffrwdd Close. The Clerk will check and report this to BCBC’s Highways Maintenance department.
Cllr. Gareth Jones requested that it be minuted that his decision not to stand for re-election is not due to personal circumstances as has been incorrectly stated but on his personal view that the Community Council could and should be run in a more pro active and approachable manner to maximise its benefit to the community. Initially this request was refused but subsequently discussions between the Clerk, Chairman and Vice-Chair and supported by other members of the committee this was agreed.
The Chairman thanked Cllr. Jones for his commitment and hard work during his time as a Community Councillor, especially in respect of footpaths/ROWs.
There were no members of the public present.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.41 pm.

Signed Chairman…………………………………… 9th May 2017

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