Council Minutes Feb 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Coychurch Lower Community Council, held at the Council Meeting Room on Tuesday the 14th February 2017 at 7.15 pm.

Present. Chairman Cllr. K. Smith, Cllr. Miss. Jayne Brace,, Cllr. Mrs. Helen Evans and the Clerk Paul Smith. Cllr. Dr. Mrs. Elaine Venables was present for Borough business.
Apologises received from Cllr Bruce Nash, Cllr. Miss Deryn Martin and Cllr. Gareth Jones. . The Chairman and Council members held a minute’s silent prayer in remembrance of our long time colleague and friend Cllr. John Brice-Richards who recently passed away.
1412. MINUTES.
The Minutes of the meeting held on the Tuesday 10th January 2017 copies having previously been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Cllr. Ken Smith declared an interest reference the request from Coychurch PTA and Friends association for a donation towards the cost of blinds for the Nursery class room. See donations..
• Following the letter from Inspector Moore notifying the Council that he will ask his patrol cars to target speeding motorists particularly speeding bikers, mobile speed cameras have been seen operating on the A473.
• Cllr. Gareth Jones and the Clerk met with Andrew Mason and Alex Carey of BCBC’s ROW department on Friday 10th February to discuss the footpaths snag list and the opening of the blockage west of Torcoed Farm.
• The Clerk wrote to BCBC’s Highways department requesting that they replace the broken and uneven pavement slabs in Brynffrwd Close. No response to date.
• The clerk wrote to BCBC’s Highways department reference the Coychurch to Pencoed cycle path highlighting what the Council considers are serious safety concerns for cyclists returning from Pencoed to Coychurch. No response to date.
• The clerk wrote to BCBC’s Highways department highlighting the need for safe crossing points to be introduced at Waterton roundabout. No response to date.
• BCBC Electoral department notified the Council that the County Borough Council and Town and Community Council elections will be held on Thursday 4th May 2017. The Williams Memorial Hall will be used as a Polling Station.
• Annual subscription for One Voice Wales 2017/2018 was renewed. This was agreed at the 2016 AGM.
• The Clerk received a copy of Mr. Ian Williams’s emails and BCBC responses to infrastructure improvements and highway matters.Copy to all.
• Thank you letter received from Coychurch 50+ Community Cafe for the £100 donation given to the Cafe.
• Email received from One Voice Wales advising that the Ombudsman Casebook no 27 is available on line.
• Email received from Mark Drakeford AM/AC notifying the Council that he is launching a consultation on the White Paper “Reforming Local Government Resilient and Renewed”. The consultation ends on the 11th April 2017. The White Paper Consultation can be accessed via the Welsh Government website
• The Clerk notified BCBC Electoral department of the sudden death of Cllr. John Brice-Richards. No local election is required since there is less than six months to May’s Town and Community Council elections.
• Email received from Mr. Brian Sewell expressing his concerns about the increased instances of dog fouling in the village, Also email received from Mr. Chris Howell reporting that the playing field is being used as a toilet for dogs and several of their owners don’t pick up after them. The Council understands these concerns but firmly believes that we are dealing with only a few offending dog owners. Unfortunately the only way these people will be deterred is by catching them and prosecuting them. The problem does seem to increase in the wet/bad weather. The Council will put notices up on notice boards and in the Chronicle asking people to report any dog owner seen offending.
• The clerk wrote to BCBC’s Highways department highlighting their failure to respond to the letter written to them on road safety issues. No response to date.
• The Clerk reported that additional bank signatories are needed. Cllrs Miss Jayne Brace and Mrs Helen Evans agreed to be signatories.
• Details of BCBC’s new recycling/waste collection scheme have been published. Copy to all
• Following discussions with Cllr. Ken Smith CKS has advised that work on opening Bridge House Store/Garage will start immediately and the store should be ready to open at the end of February.
1415. POLICE.
PCSO Meurig Coleman was not in attendance. The Clerk presented the Police Report for January 2017. The Council noted PSCO Coleman’s efforts to provide more detail in the Police Report,
The Planning Sub Committee met on Friday 10th February 2017. Minutes of the Planning Sub Committee Meeting were previously circulated to all Council members.
The Community Council discussed current road safety issues which have been brought to BCBC’s attention by both the Council and residents of Coychurch and decided to ask for a meeting with BCBC Highway’s department and Borough Councillor Dr, Mrs. Elaine Venables to discuss and address the road safety issues identified below.
• A safe pedestrian crossing is needed at the junction of A473 and the B4181 to allow pedestrians safe access to the Bridgend Industrial Estate and the new Brackla Halt. Additional safe crossings needed for safe pedestrian access to Waterton Industrial and Retail Estates.
• Traffic calming measure needed at the junction of Main Road and Treoes Road. This section of Main Road between Bryn Road and the Western end of the village continues to experience speeding vehicles both entering and leaving the village.
• Safety concerns over cyclists returning from Pencoed on the Coycchurch to Pencoed Cycle Path, The design encourages cyclists to go straight across the junction of Main Road and A473. There have been reports of several near misses at this junction,
• Safety concerns at the increasing number of accidents occurring when vehicles leaving Main Road at the Western end of the village to cross the B4181 to go towards Brackla, Coity and the Bridgend Industrial Estate,
• Safety concerns over the junction at Coychurch Road and the B4181 by Singletons. There is a need for a form of traffic control either a mini roundabout or traffic lights,
Cllr Gareth Jones sent his apologies. The monthly Footpath Report produced by Cllr, Jones was
previously circulated to all Council members. A summary of the report is included. There were no
comments on the report summarized below.
The Clerk and Cllr. Jones met on 23rd January 2017 with Rebecca Exeley of Valeways, a charitable status organisation part funded by the Vale of Glamorgan (VoG). Valeway’s roles include coordinating footpath maintenance throughout the VoG area using volunteer labour and actively promoting and organising walks. They are very active in their secondary role of promoting walking, and publish a monthly programme which will now be circulated to the Clerk for posting on the notice boards etc. Rebecca informed us that their “Coffee Shop Strolers” walks (generally short and not strenuous) were now becoming well supported, and something similar may be of interest to the Community Café. The issue of the unsafe/currently closed shared-responsibility bridge over the Brocastle Brook was also discussed.
The Clerk and Cllr. Jones also met with BCBC Rights of Way on 10TH February 2017 with the aim of being updated on progress made on the Dec. 2016 Snag List. Items discussed were:
1.The reopening of the blockage west of Torcoed Farm. BCBC informed us that they were meeting with the Torcoed Farm landowner during w/c 20th February 2017.
2. The Brocastle Brook bridge which is currently closed is scheduled to be replaced with a new bridge by w/c 20th February 2017.
3. All other individual items on the snag list were discussed, and it appears that BCBC are scheduling the necessary actions, and we can obviously monitor progress over the coming months.
Finally it was proposed that we arrange a meeting with Sarah Harris of Love2Walk to progress our involvement in this year’s walking week festival. This was agreed.
Cllr. Venables briefed the Community Council on the new Recycling/Waste collection scheme. The Community Council had themselves recently received information about the scheme and will include it in the next edition of the Chronicle.
Cllr. Venables advised the Community Council that she had been approached by some residents to discuss establishing a 20MPH speed limit in the village. The Community Council was of the opinion that a 20MPH limit would be unenforceable. The Community Council has however written to BCBC’s Highway asking for a traffic calming measure to be installed at the western end of the village on the bend at the junction of Treoes and Main road since this is a section of Main Road where vehicles do speed in and out of the village. The Community Council advised Cllr. Venables that BCBC still had not responded to this letter.
Cllr. Venables also advised that the Community Council’s request for bridges and a controlled crossing at the Waterton Roundabout to gain safe pedestrian access to the Industrial and Retail Estates were not practical because of cost. A possible solution suggested by BCBC’s Highways was a series of circular footpaths. Although appreciating Cllr, Venables feedback the Community advised her that once again they had not had a response from BCBC on this matter and would continue to press BCBC for a formal response.
Regarding the Community Councils letter to BCBC highlighting their concerns about safety issues on the Coychurch to Pencoed cycle path particularly for cyclists returning to enter the village from Pencoed, Cllr. Venables advised that BCBC did not consider the need to change the current layout of the cycle path. Once again the Community Council pointed out that BCBC still had not formally responded to their letter.
She also advised that she had inquired about school/educational provision in respect of the hundreds of houses to be built in the next few years in Coychurch Lower Ward, She was advised that a study is being undertaken and will be completed in the next few weeks.
Cllr. Venables further advised that she had emailed to find out about the reason for the car park being locked at Newbridge Fields and to report the drainage problem by the first narrowing on Main Road. Unfortunately she still had not received replies to her emails.
Finally the Community Council expressed their frustration at the failure of BCBC to respond to any of their letters on Highway issues and asked her to arrange a meeting between BCBC’s Highway department herself and the Community Council to discuss the issues raised in their letters to BCBC.
It was proposed seconded and agreed that the Community Council donate £200 to Coychurch School Parent Teachers Association and Friends for new blinds for the Nursery Classroom. Cllr. Ken Smith having previously declared an interest has a Governor of the school took no part in the discussion or vote.
Payment of cheques numbered 1463 /1468 totalling £781.77 were approved and signed.
There was no other business,
There were no members of the public present.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8. 41pm.

Signed Chairman…………………………………… 14th March 2017

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