Council Minutes July 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Coychurch Lower Community Council, held at the Council Meeting Room on Tuesday the 11th July 2017 at 7.15 pm.

Present. Chair Cllr. Miss Jayne Brace, Vice Chair Cllr. Mrs. Helen Evans, Cllr. K. Smith, Cllr. Bruce Nash, Cllr. Miss Deryn Martin, Cllr. Philip Davies, Cllr. Miss. Penelope Gwilliam and the Clerk Paul Smith.
There were no apologises for absence.
1480. MINUTES.
The Minutes of the meeting held on the Tuesday 13th June 2017 copies having previously been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.
There were no declarations of interest.
1. Purchase of new bench to be progressed as agreed in the Precept. The location of the bench was discussed and it was agreed to move one of the old benches from the entrance to Manor Drive and relocate it to the Bryn. The new bench will then be located at the Manor Drive. It was agreed the he Clerk should will look for someone to do the work at a reasonable cost.
2. A “Code of Conduct” training course to be held on Tuesday 18th July 2017 Carnegie House Wyndham Street Bridgend at 6.30pm. Cllr. Miss Penelope Gwilliam, Cllr Bruce, Nash and Cllr. Phil Davies to attend. Places on the training course have been confirmed.
3. Cllr. Miss Deryn Martin attended the Bridgend, Cardiff and Vale Area Committee meeting held at 7pm Monday 10th July at the Lesser Town Hall Cowbridge. She reported that one item of particular interest was Community Mapping which finds out what goes on in the community and engages them in planned activities including “fun days”. Cllr. Martin distributed some literature on Community Mapping.
4. Cllr. Miss Penelope Gwilliam and the Clerk attended the Town & Community Forum meeting held on 10th July at 4pm in the Council chamber at BCBC.Cllr. Gwilliam reported that the main items on the agenda were a progress report on capital asset transfer (CAT) which is having limited success and the establishment of a review panel to update the Town and Community Charter.
5. The fence around the kickabout area in the play park has been repaired.
6. Letter written by the Clerk to South Wales Police asking for information to identify the number of accidents that have occurred in the last 5 years at the exit at the Western end of the village at the junction of Main Road with the B4181. No response to date the Clerk will follow up.                                                                                                                      7. BT phone booth. The Clerk contacted BT regarding the removal of the phone booth by the entrance to the play park. Rick Thompson of BT advised that removal of phone booths is an extensive long term UK wide programme taking place over the next two years and it is not possible to give a time frame for removal at this time.                         8. The Clerk contacted BCBC concerning the heavy overgrowing vegetation on the eastbound verges of the A473 that back on to properties in Coychurch village. Photographs of the overgrowth were attached. Cllr Ken Smith also contacted BCBC in this regard and BCBC agreed to cut a strip behind the worst affected houses approximately 50 yard to allow residents to get access to their properties.                                                                                                              9. The Clerk wrote/contacted residents who had overgrowing vegetation from their land obstructing pavements in the village. Several residents have already responded and cut back overgrowing vegetation some however have not. Several other properties have been identified where this problem. It was agreed that a list of offending properties will be complied and these will be contacted or written to. Cllr. Phil Davies reported that overgrowing vegetation and branches from the play park over the wall at Ruthin Court. It was agreed this should be reported to BCBC.                10. The Clerk wrote to BCBC concerning the large number of weeds around the village on pavements and roadsides. Weed spraying is scheduled for June and September and according to BCBC recent spraying has taken place though there are still weeds around the village. The Clerk will contact Borough Councillor Dr. Mrs. Elaine Venables to confirm if weed spraying has in fact been carried out.                                                                                                                11. The Clerk wrote to BCBC reference overgrowing vegetation obstructing the pavement on Main Road from land opposite Hawthorn Drive. No response to date.                                                                                                                           12. The Clerk wrote to BCBC regarding the intermittent flickering electric light next to 10 Brynfrwdd Close. According to BCBC this has now been repaired? Cllr. Nash will check and confirm.                                                           13. Email received from Gareth Jones asking the Council to contact BCBC to ensure that the grass verge at the junction of Tyn y Caeaeu Lane and the B4181 is regularly cut to ensure the grass height does not become a safety hazard. The Clerk was written to BCBC. No response to date.                                                                                                  14. Email received from Gareth Jones advising the Council that BCBC retain details of all ‘complaints” made to them, and this record is kept indefinitely, irrespective of the fact that the issue is quickly resolved or not. Following some discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should contact Borough Councillor Elaine Venables to see what progress she has made in this respect and also write to BCBC to try to establish what their policy is in this respect.                             15.The Clerk has received complaints from residents reference the failure of Kier the new refuse and recycling contractors to provide the new recycling bags and containers, failure to collect refuse/recycling from residents houses and spillages from waste containers left on pavements and roads. The Clerk has contacted Kier on several occasions but the situation has not really improved. Following some discussion it was agreed the Clerk should contact Borough Cllr. Venables to see what steps are been taken to address the problems.                                                16. Notification received from One Voice Wales that the 13th Conference and AGM of One Voice Wales will take on Saturday 30th September 2017 at the Royal Welsh Showground Builth Wells.                                                                    17. Notification received from BCBC Electoral department that the cost for the Coychurch Lower election is £1,
18. Doug Page has decided to retire at the end of July. The Chair on behalf of the Council expressed a vote of thanks to Doug for his commitment over a number of years and proposed purchasing a “farewell gift” to mark his retirement. Cllr. Evans suggested purchasing a voucher(s) for garden flowers etc and agreed to discuss this with Doug’s wife to see if this will be something Doug would appreciate. It was agreed up to £50 should be allocated for the purchase. A period of discussion followed regarding a replacement for Doug. It was agreed the Clerk should prepare a basic job description and this will be discussed at the meeting on Monday 31st July 2017 at 7pm in the Council Office. 19. Bank mandate. Additional three signatories to be added as soon as possible.. It was agreed that the Chair, Vice Chair and Cllr. Nash will meet at Lloyds Bank Bridgend on Monday 17th July to finalize the documentation.
1483. POLICE. The Clerk presented the Police report for June 2017 which was prepared by PCSO Sam Dance. See separate Police report. 1484. TO DISCUSS MATTERS CONCERNING PLANNING.
Planning minutes of the planning subcommittee held on Friday 7th July 2017 were
presented and signed.
Cllr. Gwilliam raised concerns about the illegal parking around Coychurch Primary
School, particularly during the morning drop off and afternoon pick up periods. It was
agreed the Clerk should speak to Mrs Hurry and ask her to bring this to the attention of
parents in her next school news letter.
Cllr. Mrs. Helen Evans reported that she understands that Borough Cllr. Dr. Mrs. Elaine
Venables is organizing a Road Safety survey in the village, The Community Council has not
been contacted by Cllr. Venables and is unaware of this.
The Clerk presented June’s Footpath/ROW report. Footpath No. 7. The overgrowth effectively blocking the footpath has now been cleared by Network Rail. A quarterly maintenance schedule has been agreed starting from June 2017.
Love2walk Week. Three walks were planned for Coychurh Lower. On Monday two people turned up, on Wednesday 2 people came and on Thursday no one came.
Snag List. Status of the snag list is as reported at June’s meeting.
Borough Cllr. Dr. Mrs. Elaine Venables was not in attendance. She sent her apologises as she is
There were no donations to be discussed.
The RFO presented the Finance Report as at the 30th June 2017. He reported that the Income for this year was £16,252.61 and Expenditure £4,430.88. Bank Balances were checked and confirmed at £15,700.93
Payment of cheques numbered 1483 /1489 totalling £5848.19 were approved and signed.
Cllr. Gwilliam advised that a resident had contacted her reference some rats in the brook between Brook Cottage and Manor Drive. Also the amount of weeds in the brook in this area is blocking drainage of the Brook. It was agreed the Clerk will contact the Rivers Authority to ask them to cut back the vegetation.
There were no members of the public present.

The Chairman closed the meeting at

Signed Chairman…………………………………… 12th Septembe r 2017

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