Council Minutes Mar 2011

Minutes of the meeting of the Coychurch Lower Community Council, held at the
Council Meeting Room on Tuesday the 8th March 2011 at 7.15 pm.

Present. Chairman Cllr. K. Smith, Vice-Chairman Cllr. Miss C. Carrington, Cllr. J. Brice-Richards, Cllr. Mrs. D. Morgan, Cllr. Miss J. Brace, Cllr. Dr. E. Venables the Clerk P. Smith and the Deputy Clerk C. Mogg.

Apologises for absence were received from Borough Councillor P. Evans.
The Minutes of the meeting held on the Tuesday 8th February 2011 copies having previously been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.

1)    Letter received from Cllr. Robert Powner notifying the Chairman and members of the Council that he was resigning from the Council with effect from Monday 21st February 2011 due to ill health. The Clerk wrote to Cllr. Powner on behalf of the Council accepting his resignation and thanking him for his time and efforts during the time he served as a Councillor. The relevant notice informing members of the public of his resignation and the vacancy created has been displayed on Council notice boards and website.
2)    There will a Welsh Assembly Election on 5th May 2011. The Williams Memorial Hall will be used for voting.
3)    The Chairman Cllr. Ken Smith and his Consort Mrs Sue Smith attended the “Entertainers Concert” at Pencoed School on Wednesday 16th February 2011. It was an excellent concert and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
4)    Cllr Mrs. D. Morgan attended the Town & Community Council Forum on Wednesday 2nd March at BCBC offices Angel Street Bridgend.
5)    Invitation received from Pencoed School inviting the Chairman and his Consort to attend their Prize Giving Evening at the school on Thursday 7th April 2011 starting at 7.00pm. Chairman to attend. Clerk to action.
6)    Letter written by the Clerk to BCBC’s Highways department identifying major potholes which require immediate repair. A few holes in the village have been repaired but many have not. Cllr. Miss. J. Brace reported that there is a large pothole on the A473on the east bound carriageway. The Clerk is to follow up these issues with BCBC.
7)    Letter received from Mr. P.A. Jolley of BCBC’s Legal and Regulatory department advising that he will be holding training to update Members Code of Conduct on Monday 28th March 2011 at 6pm in the Council Chamber Civic Offices Angel Street Bridgend. The Chairman and Clerk to attend.
8)     Letter received from One Voice Wales asking for Volunteer   Responders for policy consultation. The Chairman Cllr. Kenneth Smith volunteered his services. The Clerk notified One Voice Wales accordingly.
9)     A credit note has been received from BCBC reducing the original cost of each bin from £200 to £170 plus VAT.
10)    Borough Councillor Peter Evans forwarded a copy of a letter written to him from BCBC identifying how much and where recycable waste is disposed. A copy has been posted on the main notice board.
11)    Letter received from the Energy Saving Trust asking council to look alternative forms of energy such as wind technology.
12)    Email received from Bridgend Mayor’s Office advising that the Mayor is keen to support local groups and would welcome input from Councils concerning events taking place in their Wards, Fetes, !00th Birthday/60th Wedding Anniversaries. Overseas visitors, youth groups etc., talking to school groups etc.
13)     There was an article in the Coychurch Chronicle from Mrs. Alison Dickinson criticising the Clerk for not responding to two emails she sent to the Council. The Clerk advised that these emails have not been received, nor were there any phone call(s), letter(s) or any direct contact made by Mrs. Dickinson. It is suggested that the Clerk responds appropriately to this item to clarify the situation.
14)     Councillors training programme received from One Voice Wales. Copy to all.
15)     Reference the School Easter Card competition Mrs Sue Hurry Head Teacher Coychurch (Llangrallo) Primary school confirmed that there are 89 pupils at the school. There will be 8 group winners. The Easter service will during the last week of term – beginning 11th April 2011. It was agreed that  the Clerk should purchase the required number of Easter eggs and confirm the date and time of the Easter service
16)     A green container for depositing old clothes and old shoes inside has been placed on the pavement next door to the Prince of Wales public house. It is from Green World. Neither the Community Council nor BCBC have any knowledge about this. The Clerk contacted Borough Councillor Peter Evans who is arranging for BCBC to investigate the matter.
17)    Letter received from the office Rt. Hon. Carwen Jones AM advising that advice surgeries for AM’s cannot take place during the dissolution period which begins on the 31st March 2011 and asking for all existing surgery notices to be taken down. Clerk has actioned accordingly.

PCSO Whomes sent his apologises as it is his rest day. He had previously forwarded the police report for February 2011 to the Clerk. The report will be separately displayed on Council notice boards.
PCSO‘s Scott Mercer and Meurig Coleman attended the meeting. They were advised that last Saturday there was a theft of two bicycles from a shed at the house adjacent to the Prince of Wales public house. This was noted. PCSO’s Mercer and Coleman advised that there had been a number of similar bicycle thefts in Pencoed.
The Chairman Cllr. Kenneth Smith informed the two PSCO’s present that a resident in the village had taken photographs of two cars illegally parked in the village and forwarded these to PCSO Whomes for follow up/action. His response was very negative, effectively saying that nothing could or would be done. While PSCO Coleman explained that fixed penalty notices could only be issued by PSCOs when they are present at the scene it was agreed that there was nothing stopping the police from following up and taking some  action against those car owners involved. Cllr. Smith also said he would be writing to the Borough Commander to notify him of the situation and to seek clarification as to what action can be taken when such offences are reported by members of the public in this way.
PCSO Whomes can be contacted on his mobile phone 07584771112.

The Planning Sub Committee met on Monday 7th March 2011. Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting were circulated to all Council members. The Minutes will be separately posted on the Notice Board and Website.

Cllr Dr. Elaine Venables  advised the Council that a Community Access Plan summary had been prepared outlining the proposals to be included in the detailed CAP report to be submitted in draft form to BCBC by the end of April 2001. The CAP summary was currently been presented to key groups in the village including the WI, Mothers Union, Gardening Society and the School. Cllr. Venables also advised that following submission of the CAP Draft report it was intended to hold a public meeting to inform residents of the detailed recommendations in the report and to finalize and prioritise the proposals prior to submission of the CAP report. The Council were very fully supportive of the CAP initiative and work carried out to date. The Chairman Cllr. Kenneth Smith agreed to write an introductory paragraph for the CAP report.

There was no business under this heading.

Payment of cheques totalling, £829.25 were approved and signed numbered 1239/1241.
It is now a legal requirement to publish items of expenditure over £500.The authorized payments include a payment of £599.25 to BCBC for the purchase of three grit bins at a cost of £170 each plus VAT.

Cllr. Miss C. Carrington informed the Council that St Crallo’s Church are organizing a community event in the Church grounds to celebrate the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April 2011. The day has been declared a public holiday. She asked if the Community Council would be willing to make a donation towards the funding of the celebrations. This was agreed in principle but the Church must make a written request for a donation when they have established the likely costs of the celebrations.

There were no members of the public in attendance.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.37pm.

Signed Chairman……………………………………… 12th April 2011

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