Council Minutes May 2011

Minutes of the meeting of the Coychurch Lower Community Council, held at the
Council Meeting Room on Tuesday the 10th May 2011 at 7.15 pm.

Present. Chairman Cllr. Miss C. Carrington Vice-Chairman Cllr. Miss J. Brace, Cllr. K. Smith, Cllr. J. Brice-Richards, Cllr. B. Nash, Cllr. Dr. E. Venables. the Clerk P. Smith and the Deputy Clerk C. Mogg. Borough Councillor P. Evans was also in attendance.

Apologises for absence were received from Cllr. Mrs. D. Morgan
The Minutes of the meeting held on the Tuesday 12th April 2011 copies having previously been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.
None were received.
1)    Notification received from One Voice Wales of the 2011 Conference and AGM to be held on Saturday 8th October 2011at Bont Pavilion Pontrhydfendigaid Ceredigion commencing 10.00am. It was confirmed that the Chairman will be attending the AGM.
2)     The Chairman and Consort attended Coychurch (Llangrallo) Primary school’s Easter School service at St Crallo’s Church on Thursday 14th April at 9.30am. They also attended and presented prizes (Easter eggs) at the School Easter Assembly held on Friday 15th April at 2.30pm.
3)     Confirmation received from Helen Embling the PCC Secretary reference the Council’s £200 donation towards the cost of Royal Wedding celebrations held at the “Old Rectory” on the afternoon of 29th April 2011.
4)     Cllr J. Brice-Richards attended the One Voice Wales meeting of the Bridgend/Vale/Cardiff Area Committee will held on Monday 18th April 2011 at the Lesser Hall Cowbridge Town Hall Cowbridge. He informed the Council how highly and warmly One Voice Wales officials and Councillors spoke of the new Chairman Cllr. Carrington.
5)     The fence surrounding the kick about area in the play park is damaged again. Temporary repairs have been carried out. The Clerk wrote to Mr Gareth Evans of the Parks department BCBC to ask for suggestions for a more durable type of replacement fencing. He was also asked to confirm who serviced and carried out safety checks on the equipment in the play Park and how often this is carried out.
6)    Letter written to Mr Gareth Evans asking for clarification as to whom is responsible for maintenance and safety checks on the play park equipment. Also for suggestions on a replacement and cost for fencing the kick about area. No reply to date.
7)    Letter written to Mr Gareth Evans of BCBC’s Parks department asking for the pavilion in Coychurch playing field to be repainted and for the damaged/missing signs to be replaced. See reply from BCBC item 14 on the Clerk’s report.
8)    Letter written To Mr. Jason Jenkins of BCBC’s Highways department asking for the retaining wall between Hawthorn Road and Main Road to be repaired. Also notifying of the potholes on Main Road which need filling. No reply to date.
9)    Letter written to Mr. David Davies BCBC’s Development Control Manager advising him that the Council will consider accepting planning information in electronic format providing all documents can be sent in A4 format. No response to date.
10)    Confirmation received from BCBC that this years Precept has been paid by BACs into the Councils account
11)    Letter received from Mr. David Macgregor advising that since the Minister for Social Justice and Local Government has commissioned an independent review of the approach adopted by the Local Government Boundary Commission, the request made by our Council for boundary changes are deferred until the implications of this review become clearer
12)     Email received from Mr. Ian Williams copying the Council with Highways issues he has raised with BCBC. The Council supported Mr. Williams in the issues raised in his email and the Clerk was instructed to reply to Mr. Williams accordingly.
13)    Letter received from BCBC’s Head of Regeneration & Development advising that BCBC has approved the Bridgend Unitary Development Plan Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) and they have been published for a period of public consultation to run from 5th May 2011 to 17th June 2011. Documents are available on BCBC’s website at
14)      Letter received from BCBC’s Development Manager Parks and Playing Fields advising that the poor condition of the pavilion at Coychurch means that repairs to the rendering and structure will have to be carried out before repainting. Unfortunately funds are currently not available thought the cost of the work will be assessed.
PCSO Whomes was not present at the meeting. PC Paul Howard deputised for him. PCSO Whomes had previously forwarded the police report for April 2011 to the Clerk. PC Howard clarified the Police Report. The drugs arrest was a spontaneous arrest in Main Road Coychurch though the person arrested was from Brackla. The four road related offences were speeding offences on the A473.The report will be separately displayed on Council notice boards.
PC Howard advised that the police had organized community related youth projects and suggested it may be possible to organize a project to paint Coychurch Pavilion. It was agreed he should meet with the Clerk to discuss the matter further and visit the Pavilion to establish its condition and the work required.
The issue of illegal parking was raised again. PC Howard agreed that the police had given sufficient warnings to drivers who are offending and it was now time to start issuing fixed penalty notices to those who continue to offend.
PC Howard also advised the Council that more patrols were taking place in the village both during the day and night.
PCSO Whomes can be contacted on his mobile phone 07584771112.
The Planning Sub Committee met on Monday 9th May 2011. Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting were circulated to all Council members. The Minutes will be separately posted on the Notice Board and Website.
Cllr. Dr. E Venables informed the Council that a CAP Summary has already been presented to groups in the village, including the WI, the Gardening Society, and the Mothers Union. The CAP Summary was also included in the last edition of the Coychurch Chronicle. The Draft CAP report has been completed and presented to BCBC for review. Although some changes are required the initial response was a positive one. It is now intended to distribute an information sheet to everyone in the village and hold a public
presentation in the Williams Memorial Hall on Wednesday the 15th June 2011 starting at 7pm. The final CAP report has to be submitted to BCBC by the end of June 2011.
Cllr. Evans informed the Council that there was only one dog warden for the whole of Bridgend. Therefore it is extremely unlikely that any assistance will be obtained from that direction in relation to dog incidents and dog fouling.
Cllr. Evans was advised of the email written by Mr. Ian Williams. The Clerk is to forward a copy of the email to Councillor Evans.
Cllr. Evans was also advised by the Clerk that letters written to the Borough were generally not receiving the courtesy of a reply. Of the four letters written to BCBC on the 16th April (three were copied to Cllr. Evans) currently only one reply has been received.
Payment of cheques totalling, £4,658.37 were approved and signed numbered 1242/45.
Cllr. Nash raised the issue of how regularly the roads in the village were being swept. The current untidy nature of roads in the village indicates this has not been done for some time. The Clerk recently received a similar complaint from a resident in Treoes Road, where the drains were completely blocked with leaves. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact BCBC to clarify how frequently the roads are cleaned and to get the cleaning carried out at the earliest opportunity.
Cllr Venables advised that the white road markings by the school had faded and needed repainting. Clerk to check and to action.
There were no members of the public present.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.10 pm.

Signed Chairman……………………………………… 14th June 2011

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