Council Minutes NOV 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Coychurch Lower Community Council held at the Council Meeting Room on Tuesday the 14th November 2017 at 7.15 pm.
Present. Acting Chairman Cllr. Mrs. Helen Evans, Cllr. Kenneth Smith, Cllr. Bruce Nash, Cllr. Philip Davies, Cllr. Miss Penelope Gwilliam and the Clerk Paul Smith. Borough Cllr. Dr. Elaine Venables (Part).
Apologies for absence were received from Cllr. Miss Jayne Brace.
1525. MINUTES.
The Minutes of the meeting held on the Tuesday 10th October 2017 copies having previously been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.
There were no declarations of interest.
1. Reference the purchasing of a new bench for the Bryn. A new bench has been purchased at cost of £449 including VAT and delivery. The old bench at the Bryn is made of metal and though rusty will still need cutting out and removing. John Hanmer collected the new bench and will carry out the work by the end of next week. 2. A meeting was held with BCBC’s Highways Maintenance Manager Mr. Jason Jenkins and the Chairman Cllr. Jayne Brace, Borough Cllr. Dr. Elaine Venables and the Clerk Paul Smith at the Council Office on Monday 23rd October 2018. Issues discussed were A473 noise and speeding, access problems for residents whose properties back onto the A473 and HGV access and damage to Tyn-y-Caeau Lane. See road safety issues.
3. A letter was received from Coychurch Women’s Institute requesting a donation towards the cost of their 100th Anniversary to be celebrated in June 2018. This will be discussed when setting the 2018/2019 Precept.
4. Updated document received from the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales providing guidance for Councils on the review of Communities. The implications of the proposed changes were discussed by the committee. In principle there were no objections to the proposal to merge BCBC and the Vale of Glamorgan West. However should this go ahead then almost certainly Coychurch Lower would also be merged with another Town or Community Council. The Community Council will await further information from the presentation to be organized by the Boundary Commission for Wales.
5. Further to the above, a presentation will be held by the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales to discuss the electoral arrangements for Bridgend at BCBC’s Civic Offices Angel Street Bridgend on the 9th January at 5.30pm. Councils are requested to send a representative to the presentation. It was suggested the Chairman Cllr. Jayne Brace attends the presentation.
6. A letter was received from One Voice Wales advising the Council of a review of the Town and Community Council sector. There is a consultation meeting organised by OVW to be held on Tuesday 5th December at the Miners Welfare Hall Pencoed 7pm to 9pm. The clerk agreed to attend the meeting.
7. BCBC is organizing free planning training on Monday 18th December 2017 at BCBC’s Civic Offices Angel Street Bridgend 10am to 1.15pm. The Chairman Cllr. Jayne Brace will be attending.
8. Cllr. Miss Deryn Martin has resigned from the Community Council with effect from 1st November 2017. The Clerk notified BCBC’s Electoral department and notices of the vacancy have been forwarded by BCBC and have been posted on Council notice boards and the website to advertise the vacancy and the process to be followed.
9. The Community Christmas Carol Service will take place on the 21st December 2017 at St Crallo’s Church starting at, 6pm. The Chairman has been asked to do the Welcome Address and 1st Reading.
10. Email received from Suzette Jones seeking clarification regarding the article in the Chronicle highlighting speeding and noise on the A473.The Clerk replied accordingly.
11. Temporary repairs have been carried out to the fencing around the “kick about” area in the Play Park. This was done by Mr. John Germain free of charge. He has also prepared and quoted for a more permanent repair work including new wire mesh and a more permanent method of securing the mesh fencing to the ground. It was decided that before taking any decision the Community Council will discuss with Borough Councillor Cllr. Dr. Elaine Venables to see if this can be wholly or partly funded from the £5,000 available to her.
12. Mrs Paula Terret emailed the Council advising “that the entrance to the playing fields is waterlogged and boggy and the problem gets worse each year “and requesting that the Community Council put extra patio slabs in this area to stop this problem.
It was agreed the Community Council should write to BCBC to see if this work can be funded by them?
13. Mr. Chris Howell emailed and attached correspondence he has had with BCBC on the subject of dog fouling on the playing field and his suggestion that there should be a complete ban on dogs in playing fields throughout the Borough. He stated that many authorities have already banned dogs and their walkers from similar playing field areas because of health and safety reasons. After some discussion the Community Council decided this is BCBC’s area of responsibility and it is for them to review and take a decision. If BCBC do intend to introduce a total ban they should discuss with Town and Community Councils first to discuss the implications this may have.
14. The Vice Chairman Cllr. Mrs. Helen Evans represented the Community Council at Remembrance Sunday service at St Crallos Church and the dedication and laying of wreaths at the Williams Memorial Hall.
The Council’s Financial Regulations having been reviewed were proposed, seconded and unanimously adopted.
Following some discussion it was agreed that the Community Council will only adopt two of the remuneration categories as per the existing practice. They are the Chairman’s Honorarium and travelling expenses. This was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed.
1530. POLICE.
The Police report for October 2017 which was forwarded by PCSO Sam Dance was presented by the Clerk.

Cllr Ken Smith presented the Minutes of the Planning Meeting Committee held on Friday
the 10th November 2017
Members of the Community Council met with Mr Jason Jenkins Head of BCBC’s
Highways Maintenance department and Borough Councillor Dr. Elaine Venables to
discuss the following Highways issues.
1. Noise from the A473. Mr. Jenkins advised that regarding noise from the surface of the A473, the surface is of standard construction and is within limits set for this type of road.
Regarding noise from speeding on the A473 this he advised ia matter for enforcement by the police.
2. The Community Council advised Mr. Jenkins of the damage caused by HGV driving through Tyn-y-Caeau Lane and the need for signs to be installed at both ends of the lane prohibiting access by HGVs. Mr. Jenkins advised that this was not his area of responsibility and tne Council should contact Mr. Tony Godsill BCBC’s Transport/Traffic Manager. However he said that to prohibit HGV’s would almost certainly require a Road Traffic Order and a public consultation which is a costly process. He suggested the alternative of an advisory sign which should not require a Road Traffic Order though this should be discussed with Mr. Godsill who will provide more information on options and costs. Since the meeting BCBC has confirmed that a road traffic order would be needed and could cost up to £7,000. Whereas three Advisory Signs (Unsuitable for HGVs) would cost approximately £850.
3. Other issues discussed. Regarding the overgrowth at the Lay By around the junction of Tyn-y-Caeau Lane and the B4181, Mr. Jenkins advised that this is usually cut twice a year in line with the normal work schedule, though any fly tipping is usually removed within one or two d.ays of being reported.
4. Regarding access problems for residents whose properties back onto the A473, Mr. Jenkins confirmed this was Highway’s land and appreciated that the current overgrowth and trees etc did make access to some properties difficult. After some discussion Mr. Jenkins suggested that if the Community Council prepared a list showing which properties were the worst affected he would try to see if he could come up with a plan to gradually cut back the worst areas. He advised there were little or no funds available at this time and more cuts were coming to his Highways Maintenance budget. Since the meeting BCBC has cut back some areas of the overgrowth but not all.

The Council discussed the problem of lack of off street parking which is causing increasing problems on both Industrial Estates. David Street on Bridgend Industrial Estate is particularly congested and almost blocked by illegal/dangerous parking on pavements which restricts vehicle and pedestrian movement. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Estate Manager to bring this to his attention and also contact PSCO Sam Dance to arrange to discuss this problem with her and other local parking issues.
Cllr. Philip Davies presented the Footpath Report for October. See separate Footpath Report
Regarding the proposed diversions of footpaths 13 and 16, the Community Council
confirmed that it has no objections to the proposal(s). This was formally proposed,
seconded and unanimously agreed.
Borough Cllr. Dr. Mrs. Elaine Venables was in attendance. Cllr. Venables was asked about
the £5,000 Community Action Fund she has to spend on the Ward. She explained that there is a
formal process to be followed. This involves the completion of an application form to be submitted
to Cllr. Venables. Applications will then be considered on merit and the potential benefits they will
bring to the community.
There was no business under this heading.
The Precept for 2017/18 was reviewed. The only outstanding item to be discussed and finalized was Christmas Lighting. It was previously agreed that a Christmas Lighting Competition would be held this year. However it was decided there was insufficient time available to organize the event this year. After some discussion it was proposed, seconded and agreed that the funds allocated for Christmas Lighting should be used to purchase Christmas lights for the village. Cllr Evans advised that she has a supplier/contractor who will put up the lights, take them down and store them each year. The lights will be owned by the Council. The inclusive cost is £1,150. It was agreed this should be progressed. Cllr. Evans advised that there is a need to tidy up and clear the area around the triangle before putting the lights up.
The Precept for 2018/19 was reviewed. Additional items were discussed and will be finalized at December’s Council meeting.
Payment of cheques numbered 1498 /1500 totalling £695 were approved and signed.
Cllr. Gwilliam raised the problem of the increasing number of large potholes and the lack of
lighting on Bryn Road again. It was agreed the Clerk should contact BCBC to bring this to
their attention again.
Cllr. Gwilliam reported that a Community Punishment scheme was available to assist with work in the Community. It was agreed that a presentation to the Council should be arranged by Cllr. Gwilliam.
Cllr. Davies advised that the Coed-y-Mwstwr Golf Club was undergoing a £300,000 development/expansion programme and residents should be aware during this period there will be works traffic passing through Bryn Road.
Cllr Martin, who recently resigned was the Council’s One Voice Wales representative. There is a need to find a replacement. This will be put on December’s Agenda.
Cllr. Nash reported that one of the street signs in Brynffrwd Close was in need of replacement.
There were no members of the public present.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.31pm.

Signed Chairman…………………………………… 12th December 2017

See Footpath Report below.


1. Letter written to Andrew Mason Head of BCBC’s ROW/Footpaths requesting that;
That Alex Carey walks footpath 13 with the Footpath Team to identify the exact positions where additional signage is needed and to see the exact locations and type of repairs required. BCBC were also advised that there is £200 available in this year’s Precept which can be used for additional signage/repairs on Footpath 13. Andrew Mason confirmed Alex Carey will do this and that we should contact Alex directly to agree a date to walk footpath 13.
That Andrew Mason contacts Network Rail to notify them that the quarterly maintenance is due on footpath 7. Moreover to ask them to treat (spray) the vegetation not just to cut it back. He advised the scheduled maintenance has now been carried out.
Finally regarding the blockage West of Torcoed Farm asking BCBC to
confirm that they have the necessary funds available in this financial year to
ensure the work to open footpath 13 will be completed by end of March 2018
or earlier. This requirement has now changed, see item 2. below.

2, Letter received from BCBC notifying the Council of the proposed
diversions of footpaths 13 and 16. The Footpath Team met to discuss the
proposals and found them to be sensible and practical proposals. It was agreed
that the Clerk should write to BCBC to get them to confirm that there are only
two landowners involved, that sufficient funds are available for gates, styles
and signage and that the diversion(s) can be completed and that both footpaths
will be fully open within 12 months. BCBC replied confirming the above
though they stated that they cannot give an exact timescale for the diversion(s)
to be completed because this depends on the time taken by BCBC’s Legal
department not just ROW.




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