Council Minutes Oct 2017

Minutes of the meeting of the Coychurch Lower Community Council held at the Council Meeting Room on Tuesday the 10th October 2017 at 7.15 pm.

Present. Chairman Cllr. Miss Jayne Brace, Vice Chairman Cllr. Mrs. Helen Evans, Cllr. Kenneth Smith, Cllr. Miss Deryn Martin, Cllr. Philip Davies and Cllr. Miss Penelope Gwilliam and the Clerk Paul Smith. Members of the public present, Mrs Collins, Mrs Evans, Mrs Lars and Mrs Jones.
Apologies for absence were received from Cllr. Bruce Nash.
1509. MINUTES.
The Minutes of the meeting held on the Tuesday 12th September 2017 copies having previously been circulated were approved and signed by the Chairman.
Cllr. Miss Deryn Martin declared an interest into the proposed donation to the Coychurch Gardening Society. Cllr. Martin is a member of the Society. Cllr. Kenneth Smith declared an interest into the proposed donation to the Coychurch Primary School. Cllr. Smith is a Governor of the School.
1. Reference the purchasing of a new bench for the Bryn. The old bench at the Bryn is made of metal and though rusty will need cutting out and removing. The Clerk is currently identifying the cost of doing this and for the cost of installing the new bench.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2. Reference overgrowing vegetation. Letters have been written to those properties identified at the last Council meeting.                       3. The Clerk wrote to Inspector Munro of the South Wales Police asking them to reintroduce speed checks on the A473. Initially there was a prompt and positive response from Inspector Munro advising that speed checks had been stopped because the stretch of the A473 concerned is no longer an enforcement site and speed checks are therefore no longer carried out. He stated that he would contact the Local Authority to ask for the section to be monitored again with the view to getting it classified as an enforcement site. However Inspector Munro wrote again stating that that he had been further advised that the policy of the Go Safe Team and the local Highways Team is that a site will not be surveyed again for another 12 months, so no action can be taken at this time. It was agreed that the Clerk should establish the exact date the next review is due.
4. The Clerk wrote to BCBC Highways requesting a meeting with them and the Community Council to discuss speeding/noise issues on the A473 and the problem of overgrowing vegetation at the back of residents properties backing onto the A473. No response to date.
5. The Clerk wrote to BCBC’s Highways requesting that the trees that back onto the Main Road in Coychurch at the entrance to Duffryn Close are trimmed back. BCBC replied that they have inspected the site and in their opinion no action is necessary but they will monitor the site during regular routine inspections.
6. The Clerk contacted PCSO Sam Dance highlighting road safety concerns reference cars parking at the triangle at the junction of Main Road and Treoes Road. PCSO Dance advised that when she passed there was no signs of an obstruction but she and her colleagues will continue to monitor the situation.
7. A letter was received from the Coychurch Gardening Society requesting a donation of £40 for the cost of purchasing the winners trophies at their Annual Show. See donations main agenda.
8. A letter received from the Coychurch Primary School requesting a donation towards the conservation/environmental projects planned at the school. See donations main agenda.
9. A letter was received from St Crallos Church requesting a donation of £400 for the graveyard maintenance fund. See donations main agenda.
10. Invitation received for Council members to attend the Remembrance Sunday Parade in Bridgend on the 12th November. Those attending should meet at Carnegie House Wyndham Street Bridgend at 9.45am.
11. Document received from the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales providing guidance for Councils on the review of Communities. To be discussed. The Clerk advised that there has been an ongoing review process for several years with objective of merging smaller Community Councils with either larger Councils or grouping them with other similar sized Councils. Implications are that small Community Councils will no longer seek to exist and the number of Councils and Councillors will be reduced.
12. The Chairman attended the Mayor of Bridgend Town Council Civic Service on Sunday 24th September 2017 at Bridgend United Church Tondu Road Bridgend.
13. The Chairman attended the Mayor of Pencoed’s Civic Service on Sunday 1st October at Salem Chapel Coychurch Road Pencoed.
14. Cllrs. Ken Smith and Mrs Helen Evans will be attending the Code of Conduct
training course to be held at the Civic offices of BCBC on Friday 13th October.
15. Correspondence received from the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales notifying the Council that they have powers over the allowances payable to the Town and Community Councils and setting out these allowances which are permissive and need to be adopted by the Council if they are to be implemented. The Clerk will circulate the information and put on the Agenda for November’s meeting..
16. Email received from Mr. Gareth Jones reporting fly tipping of tree branches at the Lay By at the junction of the B4181 and Tyn-y Caeau Lane. BCBC’s Highways have been notified.
17. Email received from Mr. Gareth Jones asking the Community Council to assist in clearing and maintaining the area around the Lay By at the junction of the B4181. Mr. Jones also asked the Community Council to purchase a bench for the Lay By. A copy of the email was sent to all Council members. Although understanding Mr. Jones frustration at BCBC’s failure to properly maintain the area around the Lay By, the Council cannot take on responsibility for maintaining this area of land. The Council will write again to BCBC on this matter and will bring the issue up when they meet with BCBC’s Highways Manager. 18. A copy of the Council’s Financial Regulations was sent to Council members for review and adoption at November’s meeting.
19. The Clerk advised that he had received confirmation that the next meeting other Town & Community Council will be held on Monday 13th October at 4pm in BCBC’s Civic Offices. Cllr. Penelope Gwilliam confirmed she will be attending.
The EU regulation General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) will come into force on the 25th May 2018.As part of the regulation all Councils must appoint a professional Data Protection Officer and have them in place by the above date. This is a significant and potentially costly change. After some discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should speak to other Town & Community Councils to see how they will handle these changes and to see if it is possible to reduce the cost by sharing a DPO. Personal data kept by the Council will need to be audited and documented over the next few months, 1513. POLICE. The Police report for September 2017 which was forwarded by PCSO Sam Dance was presented by the Clerk.
The Planning Meeting scheduled for Friday 8th September 2017 was cancelled because
there are no planning applications. The following matters were presented by Cllr.
Kenneth Smith.
Applications. Nil received.
Objections. Nil.
Comments. Nil.
P/17/575/RLX. Hafod Care Association. Extend time for commencement of works on P/12/763/RLX for a further 5 years.
P/17/639/FUL. Columbia Threadneedle Cheapside BIE. Demolish external oil tank and
install new profiled metal cladding.
P/17/663/FUL. Zimmer Biomet UK Ltd Brocastle Avenue WIE..Erect an external storage
Refused. Nil.
P/15/640/FUL Class A1 retail floor space 1 unit Waterton Retail Park. Notification of the
appeal decision reference APP/F6915/A/17/3167313 received from the Planning
inspectorate. The appeal was allowed subject to conditions.
Cars parking by the narrowing on Main Road just before Manor Drive are causing a road
safety issue and are the potential cause of an accident. After some discussion Cllr. Philip
Davies agreed that he would contact PSCO Sam Dance to make her aware of the situation
and ask her to speak to the owners of the vehicles that regularly park there.
Cllr. Philip Davies presented the Footpath Report for October. See separate Footpath Report

Borough Cllr. Dr. Mrs. Elaine Venables sent her apologises since she was unwell.
A request was received from Coychurch Gardening Society for a donation of £40 which was the cost of trophies for winners of their Annual Show and competition. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed. Cllr. Deryn Martin took no part in the discussion and vote.
A letter was received from Mrs Sue Hurry Head Teacher at Coychurch Primary School asking for a donation towards the cost of environmental and conservation projects at the school. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that a sum of £250 be donated for this purpose. Cllr. Kenneth Smith took no part in the discussion and vote.
A request was received from St Crallos Church asking for a donation towards the graveyard maintenance fund. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the sum of £400 be donated for this purpose.
The Precept for 2018/2019 was discussed and it was agreed the following should be included in the Precept. Two litter/dog waste bins, cost and locations to be confirmed for the next meeting. Cost of two road signs prohibiting HGVs entering Tyn-y- Caeau Lane estimated cost £300 each to be confirmed. Also to be confirmed and awaiting costs include a commercial flower planter ( Cllr. Evans to confirm cost). A discussion took place concerning the rent paid by the Council to the Williams Memorial Hall. The Clerk will provide a breakdown of rent and the service cost for the next meeting. However it was agreed the rent will remain the same for the 2018/2019 Precept.
The RFO presented the Finance Report as at the 30th September 2017. He reported that the Income for this year was £16,427.28 and Expenditure £10,400.48. Bank Balances were checked and confirmed at £9,906.00. The Chairman signed the bank statements and accounts to confirm they agreed. The RFO presented the Actual vs Budget/Precept report and confirmed there were no over spends on the Precept. The main under spend will be on Christmas lighting. Cllr. Evans reported that she is meeting with a supplier who can provide lighting for the triangle and supply a Christmas tree for outside the Hall at a competitive cost. A decision will be taken at November’s meeting.
Payment of cheques numbered 1494 /1497 totalling £1,204.59 were approved and signed.
There was no other business.
Mrs Collins, Mrs Evans, Mrs Lars and Mrs Jones were in attendance. The following issues were brought to the attention of the Council. The dirty and untidy condition of the Play Park, speeding and noise from the A473, dangerous parking of cars just before the narrowing on Main Road by Bryn Road and damage caused to paving stones in the village by heavy vehicles parking on pavements. Regarding the Play Park the Council advised that maintenance of the Play Park is the responsibility of BCBC’s Parks and Playing fields department and they will write to BCBC to ask them to meet their obligations to properly maintain the Play Park. In respect of speeding and noise on the A473 the Council explained they had recently wrote to BCBC’s Highways department to ask them to meet with the Council to discuss this problem. The Council also recently wrote to South Wales Police on the same issue and were advised that this stretch of road is no longer an enforcement zone and currently not subjected to speed checks. This will be reassessed in 12 months time. Concerning the dangerous parking at the narrowing on Main Road the Council will be contacting PCSO Sam Dance and asking her to speak to the car owners concerned. Reference heavy vehicles parking on pavements and damaging paving stones this is difficult to enforce because the Council has no powers to do so. If these are contractor’s vehicles then the residents concerned should get the contractor to repair any damage done before leaving.
They also thanked the Council for supporting the start of a Youth Club in the village and requested a donation for the WI’s 100th anniversary celebrations in June next year. Those present also asked if the Council could confirm if Borough Councillor Elaine Venables has been given £5,000 to spend on the Ward. The Council understands this is the case but has not been consulted by Councillor Venables in this respect.
Mrs Jones specifically came to inform the Council of the damage caused to hedge rows and road surfaces by HGV vehicles passing through Tyn-y-Caeau Lane. This is because there are no roads signs indicating that the road is unsuitable for HGVs. It was agreed that if BCBC will not fund the signs the Council will include the cost of the signs in the coming years Precept. However the Council will first discuss with Cllr. Venables to see if she will provide the signs from the funds available to her.
The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.24pm.

Signed Chairman…………………………………… 14th November 2017



  1. An updated Snag List was received from Andrew Mason BCBC Rights of Way (ROW). Copy to all. No timetable has yet been established for the reopening of footpath 13, though ROW advised that they are awaiting quotations for the work needed to reopen the section joining Torcoed Farm.
  2. Phil Davies and the Clerk met to update Cllr. Davies on the issues relating to ROWs in the Ward. Mr. Gareth Jones kindly offered his assistance in continuing to maintain and improve on the current condition of the footpaths. He also made some suggestions regarding the Snag List and promoting footpath walking in the Ward. Copy sent to all Council members.
  3. Davies, Mr. Gareth Jones and the Clerk walked footpath No 13 on Wednesday 4th October with the objective of updating the Snag list and showing Cllr. Davies the section of the footpath 13 that remains closed. A number of places were identified where additional signage is needed and where repairs are needed to gates/styles etc.
  4. A list of the repairs/signage needed has been complied and will be forwarded to Andrew Mason at ROW. It was suggested that the Council should contact ROW to ask Alex Carey of ROW to walk footpath 13 with the footpath team to identify the exact position where way markers are needed and to see the exact locations and type of repairs needed.
  5. It was agreed that the Council should write to ROW asking them to confirm that they do have the funds to reopen footpath 13 this financial year and to prepare a timetable for completion of the work.
  6. It was suggested that one footpath should be walked each month to ensure that there is an ongoing programme to monitor the condition of all footpaths and ensure that they are regularly and properly maintained.
  7. Network Rails quarterly maintenance is due on footpath 7. The Clerk will contact ROW to get them to arrange this to be done as soon as possible. Also to ask for the vegetation to be sprayed not just cut back.
  8. Regarding promoting the walking of footpaths in the Ward it was agreed that we should talk to the Head teacher of Coychurch Primary School Sue Hurry to discuss how to encourage pupils and teachers at the school to get involved with walking, possibly adopting a footpath(s). Also to approach some other of the groups active in the village. As suggested by Gareth Jones an Open Day could be held at the Williams Memorial Hall to “educate” people as to the benefits of walking etc. These initiatives should give a good idea of the level of interest in the village for walking. These ideas will be further discussed and progressed..



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