Machine Sewing Group starting at the Hall

Thursday Evenings Machine Sewing Club


We are starting a club for anyone interested in machine sewing garments and other projects. The club will meet on Thursday evenings.

The first meeting is on Thursday Feb 13, at 7.15pm, for 2 hours.

We will charge a small amount to cover the hire cost of the venue and the final cost structure will be agreed together when it is clearer how many regular attendees there will be.

This will be a friendly and supportive community machine sewing club which will meet regularly to sew, chat about sewing, and learn from and with each other. Everyone will need to bring their own sewing machine, fabric, tracing paper, and any other materials needed for assembly as no materials or equipment will be provided by the organiser !

We will be joined at some of these evenings, including 13th February, by a very supportive sewing tutor. She can advise us on planning projects and garments, pattern alterations, fabric choice, how to interpret pattern instructions, troubleshooting, etc.

Current members have a mix of levels of sewing skills, from learner to more experienced. We share our experience and troubleshooting skills and we are keen to learn more.

Anyone interested can join !

If you are interested in attending future club evenings but cannot attend February 13th, please send a message to Gerti at

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