Planning Minutes SEPT 2017

Minutes of Coychurch Lower Community Council, Planning Meeting held at
the Council Meeting Room on Friday 8th September 2017 at 9.30am

PRESENT. Cllr. K. Smith, Cllr. Mrs. H. Evans, Cllr. Bruce Nash, Cllr. Miss P. Gwilliam and the Clerk P. Smith.

Apologises for absence received from Cllr. Miss J. Brace, Cllr. Miss D. Martin and Cllr. P. Davies.
The Minutes of the meeting held have previously been circulated and approved.
P/17/575/RLX. Hafod Care Association. Extend time for commencement of works on P/12/763/RLX ,for a further 5 years.
P/17/585/FUL. Nodor House South Road BIE. Change of use to D1 physiotherapy clinic and studio.
P/17/578/FUL. Mrs. W. Crompton, 1 Waterton Road .Extension and change of use to outbuilding to form a Granny Annexe.
P/17/639/FUL. Columbia Threadneedle Cheapside BIE. Demolish external oil tank install new profiled metal cladding.
P/17/663/FUL. Zimmer Biomet UK Ltd Brocastle Avenue WIE.Erect an external storage facility for palletised titanium powder.
P/17/724/FUL. Mr. Grant Williams. Demolition of store and construction of single storey and double storey extension at Tynewydd Waterton Lane Waterton.
P/17/726/FUL. Mrs. W. Compton. Extension of an outbuilding to form Granny Annex at 1 Waterton Road Bridgend.
P/17/663/FUL. Comment submitted that the Community Council is concerned by the expected loss of 5 internal parking places. We should ask that 5 replacement parking bays are provided to obviate the need for employees to park off site. The Waterton Trading Estate already has a serious on street parking problem.
P/17/710/FUL. Comment submitted that there is a need for the applicant to provide sufficient car parking for additional staff.
P/17/538 FUL. Installation of mechanical plant and generator. Cushmen & Wakefield Unit 2500 Western Ave BIE. Conditional consent,
P/17/532/DPN. Prior notification to demolish former Model T public house. Windsor Properties Ltd.DPN approved.
P/17/412/FUL. Construction of a new car parking area by Waterton Estates Limited to serve existing offices at Unit 1 Waterton Park WIE.
Cllr. Mrs Helen Evans advised that she had attended, as an individual, the recent public
inquiry into the appeal reference P/15/640/FUL and had found the experience interesting and

The Chairman closed the meeting at

Signed Chairman…………………………… 12th September 2017

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